The simplest ideas make the biggest wave.

We’re ready to dive in, are you?

Sitting on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, drink in hand, it all started with a simple thought. An idea that came into mind wondering, what can we do to make an impact like no one has ever imagined.



What could we possibly do to really tell people’s story, get people’s message out there? How could we make more than just a splash but make a really Big Wave.



The solution was Big Waves Graphics, enthusiastically formed in April 2013 and conveniently operating out of Edmonton, Alberta.

What we do is art and with that art is an immeasurable amount of passion behind everything we do.



You have an idea, a dream or a message and we will get it out there for you. Every project, big or small, we will welcome it with the eagerness to really make you stand out, to custom tailor it to you and your company with precision and detail.


Each project will be approached with the utmost care and unrivaled customer service and respect. When we work on a project our team will make sure it’s better than what we would give our own family.


Our promise is to really make you stand out, to be one of a kind and unique. We stand behind our belief that you should leave with your product right the first time. We want you to come back to Big Wave with new and exciting projects or just to stop by with you and your friends to say hello.


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